Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Wake County Republican Convention?

A: The Wake County Republican Convention is held annually to mobilize Wake County Republicans to win elections. Each year, the Convention hears from guest speakers, attends to party business, and elects delegates and alternate delegates to the NCGOP District Convention(s) and NCGOP State Convention. In odd-numbered years, the Convention elects county party leadership.

Q: How do I become a Delegate or Alternate Delegate?

A: Delegates and Alternate Delegates are elected at their annual precinct meeting, usually held in February or early March. You can check the dates of the meetings and register by visiting https://

Q: Are guests allowed to attend the Convention?

A: Yes, but you must register and purchase a guest ticket.

Q: If I did not register for my precinct meeting, can I still be a Delegate or Alternate Delegate?

A: No, once the precinct meeting has concluded, no additional Delegates or Alternates may be added, but you can still attend as a guest.

Q: What does a Delegate do?

A: The main difference between a Delegate and a guest is a Delegate can vote on business that comes before the convention, while a guest cannot. That is the primary difference. Of course, Delegates also get cheaper tickets and better seats, too!

Q: Will there be food at the Convention?

A: Yes there will be food trucks outside. There will be free water inside and there are snack machines inside the venue.

Q: What will security be like to enter the facility?

A: The venue will be secured similar to a sporting or concert event.